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Women's Health

Susan's Natural World focuses on the general health and well being of its patrons. Women's health is important and we will focus on delivering quality information regarding natural remedies, supplements, vitamins and foods designed to enhance women's health. We attempt to offer our customers everything they might be needing to live a clean, healthy lifestyle, even in today's toxic world.

I became interested in natural foods thirty years ago when I decided to adopt a vegetarian diet. In my quest to learn to be a healthy plant-eater, I began to study the science of nutrition and to apply that wisdom to my own diet and that of my family. We have had nothing but positive results.

Today, as a part of the largest generation ever, I feel that I have information to share. Remember that we are individuals and our experiences will be unique. If you're not having success with what you're doing, try something else until you find what's best for your body. Keep your foods whole, natural and healthy.

Drink lots of water and use lemon to help detoxify. Be your own detective. Try to eliminate bad habits and adopt good ones. It's easy. There are so many wonderful foods and nutrients to explore and enjoy.

Love, Susan Parker

(I am not a doctor or dietician, so please use my suggestions wisely. Check with your doctor and/or pharmacist if you are taking prescription drugs, especially before using herbal products.)

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