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Kid's Health

The children of the U.S. are facing serious health problems, everything from obesity, Type 2 diabetes (once referred to as adult-onset diabetes), hyperactivity, depression, attention deficit disorder, just to name a few.

We, as adults, must take responsibility for the choices we make for our children.

The food we provide must be able to build strong bodies, sharp minds, and happy, secure spirits.

We must begin by respecting the need for the "wholeness" of the foods that we provide. It is dangerous to change the molecular structure of the food to serve our perceived dietary preferences. Whole foods provide fats, fibers, enzymes, pectins, and many phytonutrients that assist the body's ability to digest foods, absorb nutrients, and eliminate waste efficiently. This is the ultimate key to good health.

The earlier you begin giving only whole, natural, and organically-grown food to your children, the better and easier. Modern day food manufacturers attempt to addict our taste buds at an early age.

Don't get discouraged, get active.

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