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Depression and Stress

I believe that it is our personal responsibility to love and nurture ourselves, and by doing so, we are better equipped to love and nurture our family and others around us. Find something that soothes you, brings you joy, and allow yourself to enjoy it.

I am a devout lover of all animals and, besides my three cats and one dog, I have a small herd of sheep. I take so much quiet pleasure performing the everyday duties of a shepherd. I often head up to the sheep house for a relaxing visit. Find something that distracts you from your worries and take the time to enjoy it on a regular basis. Love yourself, so that you can love others.

Nature's Helpers for Anxiety and Depression

It's very necessary to face the reality of life with no delusions. Our lives on this earth are a gift from our Creator to be gratefully savored for as long and as healthfully as possible. Our road will not always be smooth. No one gets through their lives without pain and sadness, but facing the challenges to life can be eased by nature.

It's important to stay as strong as possible during troubling times. At these times we have a tendency to forget about ourselves. Begin by considering your physical and mental challenges during times of stress and grief, and resolve to stay strong.

Don't deny yourself the right to feel your own pain. Crying cleanses grief. Just try to not become overwhelmed. Seek help if necessary.

Try to eat small regular meals - foods like yogurt, nuts, protein bars, soy milk, hard-boiled eggs, whole grain breads with nut butter. Try to avoid sugary junk foods, especially at these times of your life. Every nutrient counts. Whole grains and vegetables sustain us. Lots of cleansing water will also help.

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